Guide To Selecting The Right Robotic Arm

You have to keep in mind the different, important considerations when finalising automation in your application – only then can you be sure that your specific needs will be addressed.

We explain some factors to keep in mind when selecting a collaborative robot(cobot) or robotic arm.

1. Define your needs.

Start by listing specific tasks that you want the arm to perform.

This will help you realise the specifications you need like weight capacity, reach speed, accuracy, etc.

Example, if the arm needs to handle heavy loads, you need one with high payload capacity.

2. Evaluate the work area.

Check out the space where the arm will operate, measure the space and determine how much reach and flexibility you require on the arm.

These arms are available in different configurations like partition, cylindrical articulated, etc.

They come with different degrees of freedom. These factors will decide how far the arm can reach and work within your space.

3. Payload and speed.

The payload capacity is weight the arm can support. You have to make sure that it can lift and move the components used in your application keeping a safe margin.

You also have to be sure of the speed your process needs to maintain. For instance, would you be requiring quicker cycle times? In that case, you need an arm that can make quick, efficient movements.

4. Precision and repeatability.

Both of these are necessary in applications that demand exactness, for example, electronics assembly, medical device manufacturing, precision machining, etc.

None of these applications can compromise on accuracy. That means the arm you are searching for needs to have a desired/required level of precision.

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