Comprehensive Commercial Cleaning Services

Crystal Clear Cleaning Company has expanded its offering beyond carpet cleaning.

You can now benefit from their comprehensive cleaning services for commercial buildings in Savannah, GA, and surrounding areas.

This expansion takes care of various business needs, making sure that commercial properties can maintain a clean and professional appearance.

Top Solutions

1. Professional carpet cleaning

Offices experience very heavy foot traffic – carpets bearing the first hit.

Crystal Clear’s carpet cleaning service takes care of this issue by repairing damage and extending the lifespan of carpets.

Businesses need this service if they wish to maintain a professional look.

2. Upholstery cleaning

For a professional business environment, you also need clean and fresh furniture.

Crystal Clear’s upholstery cleaning service improves the appearance of furniture for a better imprint on clients and visitors.

3. Tile and grout cleaning

As time passes, tiles and grout can accumulate dirt and lose shine.

Crystal Clear uses pressure cleaning techniques to bring back the original look of these tiles. The rooms appear neat and more pleasing.

4. Odor removal

If you have to make good impressions, you need a fresh-smelling environment. Crystal Clear frees your space of odor with their odor management services.

This way business premises will always smell inviting. It’s something both employees and visitors appreciate.

5. Stain and spot cleaning

Spills and stains on carpets and furniture need to be quickly addressed before they leave a permanent mark.

Crystal Clear’s stain and spot cleaning services help you maintain the quality and appearance of business interiors.

More Services

  • Oriental drug cleaning – professional cleaning for delicate and valuable rugs.
  • Pet odor removal – solid solutions for removing pet odors from business spaces.
  • Yacht cleaning – deep cleaning services for yachts so they hold top shape.
  • Rental home cleaning – for rental properties so they appeal to possible tenants.

For pricing inquiries or to get a free quote, businesses can contact Crystal Clear Cleaning Company at 912-732-8342. Their skilled staff is prepared to provide thorough and professional cleaning services to keep business properties immaculate.

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